About Live For Excellence Productions (LFEP)

Live For Excellence Productions (LFEP): A Beacon of Creativity and Professional Excellence

Owned and masterfully led by Rae A Stonehouse, LFEP stands as a testament to the power of creative evolution and professional resilience. Embarked on its journey over fifteen years ago as an event planning and organizing venture, LFEP has since transformed, reflecting the dynamic spirit of its founder.

Mr. Emcee aka Rae Stonehouse logoIn its early days, LFEP was not just an event organizer but also the driving force behind Mr. Emcee, a local Master of Ceremonies service. Further expanding its horizon, LFEP launched the Okanagan Business Events Calendar, an online hub providing a weekly newsletter filled with updates on local business and professional events.

However, Rae’s journey was not without its challenges. Recognizing the unique market dynamics of the Okanagan, he observed a trend of potential clients preferring in-house event management solutions. This insight led to a pivotal shift in LFEP’s focus.

Embracing change with enthusiasm, Rae channeled his extensive expertise into writing and self-publishing nonfiction and personal/professional self-development books. LFEP seamlessly adapted to become the platform for marketing these insightful publications, along with Rae’s diverse range of products and client services.

Today, LFEP proudly hosts a variety of online destinations, including the main website Live For Excellence Productions, along with sister sites Empowering Tips for Success, Live For Excellence Store, and Live For Excellence Academy, offering a rich array of online courses.

Beyond these endeavors, Rae Stonehouse offers his wealth of knowledge in freelance self-marketing and self-publishing coaching and consulting through LFEP and platforms like Upwork. His journey is a narrative of adaptability, continuous learning, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Join us at Live For Excellence Productions, where innovation meets expertise, and where every challenge is an opportunity to excel. Let’s embark on this journey of excellence together!


A Collage of books by Rae A. Stonehouse available at the Live For Excellence Book Store